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Handling of personal information (Privacy Policy)

Basic policy for the protection of personal information

In managing this site, this city is concerned for the protection of its users’ personal information and will handle it as is appropriate in accordance with laws and regulations.

Acquisition of personal information

As a general rule, this site can be used without disclosing any personal information.
As an exception to this, on pages that request information from the user, we may request that the user provide information such as their name or address for identity verification or contact purposes. Furthermore, in the event that such information is provided, this site possesses encryption software which will ensure that it is delivered safely.

Use and management of personal information

Any acquired personal information, will only be used for the previously stated purposes, except for in the event that permission is received by the owner or in the event that there is an established law or regulation. In addition, we will take suitable measures to prevent the disclosure, destruction or alteration of said information.


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